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President’s Message

Dr Tonya Houston 1 1

Dear SCISA Family,

It is with great excitement that I extend greetings as the newly-elected President of the South Carolina
Independent School Association. I have served SCISA in various capacities for more than two decades
and have had a front row seat to much of the growth and progress over time. I look forward to using my skills,
knowledge, and experiences to work collaboratively with Dr. Spencer Jordan and the executive board in strong
support of the vision and leadership for the association. I am passionate about children, and I am committed to education.

The mission of the South Carolina Independent School Association is to provide outstanding service to
our member schools through academic, athletic, and student-centered programs. In support of the
mission and success for all students together, we will work diligently to champion outstanding school
leaders in ways that reinforce teachers in content knowledge, instructional pedagogy, and contextual
factors that impact learning and teaching through ongoing collaboration and professional development.

SCISA is more than mere bricks and mortar of 125 schools; it is a community comprised of hundreds of
faithful, dedicated faculty, staff, friends, and neighbors. SCISA is a family - a family that represents a
mosaic tapestry of communities, economics, cultures, races, and religions, all of which reflect
remarkable progress from the monochromatic dispositions of the early years. We recognize the history,
acknowledge current success, and look to the future with great enthusiasm.

This association has served as the educational spring board for artists, businessmen, clergy, educators,
engineers, musicians, professional athletes, and the like, representing quality independent schools that
equip and inspire students to pursue their dreams. In the words of Mary Catherin Bateson, “We are not
what we know, but what we are willing to learn.” My love for learning and continual desire to grow as a
professional represents the very core of what drives me. It is indeed an exciting time to be a part of
SCISA, and I look forward to working with you.


Tonya Houston, PhD

President South Carolina Independent School Association