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Middle and High School Literary


Rules and Regulations

Oral Interpretation Judge Sheet


Extemporaneous Speaking Topics for 2024

Middle School Domestic

  1. Social Media Usage
  2. Mental Health Education
  3. Online Learning vs. Traditional Learning
  4. Health and Nutrition Education in Schools
  5. School Uniforms

Middle School Foreign Topics

  1. Global Environmental Conservation Issues
  2. Global Human Educational Rights
  3. International Space Exploration
  4. Global Health Challenges
  5. Global Sporting Events

High School Domestic Topics

  1. Education Reform in the US
  2. Healthcare Access and Medical Research
  3. Student loan Forgiveness
  4. Social Media Age Regulations
  5. Universal Basic Income
  6. Gun Laws and Mental Health

High School Foreign Topics

  1. Humanitarian Intervention in Conflict Zones
  2. Cyberattacks and International Cooperation
  3. Nuclear Disarmament
  4. Debt Relief for Developing Nations
  5. International Space Collaboration