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Executive Director’s Message

I would like to personally welcome you to the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA). One of the most important decisions a parent must make for the future success of their child involves the selection of a quality educational institution. We strongly believe that one of our member schools can meet the unique educational needs for your family. Whether you are considering independent schools for the first time or deliberating on moving your child to a new school, SCISA has a place for you and your family. I sincerely hope that the information on this site will be beneficial in helping you select the right educational community for your child.

SCISA schools are proud to celebrate “independent” education through the use of cutting-edge educational techniques while emphasizing the unique qualities of the individual child. Each of our schools is open to the public and is supported voluntarily by families who use their services. Our schools strive to cultivate relationships with people who value their mission, their product, and their place in the community. Independent schools in our association operate independent of taxpayer funding. Therefore, our schools are free to pursue specific missions that may best serve their unique constituencies and support their values.

Since 1965, SCISA has been the primary accrediting agency for independent schools in South Carolina and Georgia. Today, SCISA has a network of 127 schools and currently boasts an enrollment of over 32,000 students. Our schools directly employ over 7,000 individuals and inject almost a quarter of a billion dollars into the region’s economy. Our schools are fully invested in their specific communities. From community service to civic responsibilities, SCISA schools enhance the quality of life in every community. Athletic competition among our member schools continues to grow exponentially every year. SCISA students not only have opportunities to prove themselves on athletic fields of play, they also compete in a variety of academic and leadership competitions as well. Over the past decade, SCISA schools have placed 97% of their graduates in four year and technical college programs. SCISA schools proudly boast average SAT/ACT scores that are typically several points higher than the national average of college-bound students.

Nothing tells the story of an independent school education as effectively as a personal visit. I would encourage you to visit one of our member schools to see why SCISA schools are the premier educational institutions in the Southeast.