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Professional Development

I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a wonderful Heads’ conference meeting. Every detail was thought of and we all appreciated all of it.  Dr. Jordan’s message was so uplifting and much-needed!  We are so grateful to be a part of such a thoughtful, caring, and dedicated organization.


I wanted to send an email of thanks to you and everyone at SCISA for a great Heads Conference.  You guys always go above and beyond for us and I, for one, really appreciate it!


Historically, SCISA quiz bowl competitions are spread throughout the year.  Normally it is Upper School in September, Middle School in February, and Elementary School in April.  We also typically have regional competitions and then the State competition.   

Because COVID was worse this year during the final planning period (August/September), we offered to host regionals if they could be outside and did not feel good going to a school with its own COVID policies (as opposed to a SCISA-directly run event).  Others felt similarly.

I can only imagine how challenging it has been for you all in the SCISA office -- a lean and dedicated team -- navigating the pandemic.  I certainly can guess how overwhelming it must have been for Robbie in his role.

To address all of the comments and concerns he must have fielded, he devised a one-day regional and state championship for all three divisions and located them at a large and expansive church in Columbia (his home church, Trinity Presbyterian!).  What a huge task!  Yet in the midst of all of this, I appreciate his taking time to have conversations with me about safety because these types of SCISA activities are vital to us. 

In the end, the most important thing is our students, teachers, and families felt good and safe about the quiz bowl competitions this week.  Schools had to abide by baseline safety measures, but there was also latitude and space for all to reach a comfort zone.  For example, it meant a lot to have a nice space outside on the grass, to put up a tent, to be able to eat outside, etc.  He also placed us in a larger competition space because he knew that was important to us.   That means a lot.  Thank you!

Jason Kreutner
University School of the Lowcountry

The Teacher Institute was the most helpful conference on teaching I have ever had. I felt loved and served while I was here.


First and foremost, the Teacher Institute has been an invaluable experience. As a new teacher coming into the profession, it provided a lot of knowledge in a small time frame. The amount of material was summarized and organized well and was presented in both example and spoken word. It has definitely helped me feel more organized and prepared.