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Athletic Forms

Physicals: every student-athlete must have a completed physical before he/she is allowed to participate, play or practice.   A physical dated after April 1, 2024, will be valid for the entire 2024-25 athletic year.  Pre-Participation Medical History Form: a family history & questionnaire shall be completed prior to seeing the physician and presented to the physician.

2024-25 Pre-Participation Medical form and Medical History Form

Parent's Permission Form (Agreement for Participation): every student athlete must have a current & completed Parent’s Permission Form (Agreement for Participation) on file.

2024-25 Agreement for Participation

Warning of Inherent Risk: every student athlete must have a current & completed Warning of Inherent Risk Form on file.

2024-25 Warning of Inherent Risk

Student-Parent Concussion Awareness Form:  Important information regarding concussions including signs, symptoms and dangers. Every student-athlte will have a completed form on file with the school.

pdf Student.Parent_Concussion_Awareness_Form.pdf1002.81 KB

New Student/Transfer Forms are required of any student-athlete who is new to the school this school year or who transfers after the start of the school year.

International Student Form: is required to be filed on any international student who plans to participate in athletics. An international student is considered inelgible until the Athletic Committee grants eligibility.