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Sony Press Release


Columbia, SC – The South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA) is excited to partner with Sony Electronics in an exciting new agreement that will bring opportunities for member schools to try out the latest Sony Alpha photography equipment while allowing students to expand their creative vision. The partnership will allow SCISA Student Activities programming to expand into digital photography and videography via a contest scheduled for the 2021 fall semester. As well, all SCISA schools and students will be eligible for rebates from select retailers on the purchase of Sony imaging technology. “We are very excited about the opportunity to bring an internationally-respected brand such as Sony into the fold as a SCISA corporate partner,” said SCISA Executive Director Dr. Spencer Jordan. “This relationship will not only open doors for students who are inspired to create content and tell stories visually but will also provide savings for families who are intent on providing their children with state-ofthe- art technology to further their intellectual development.” “Sony Electronics is honored to be working with SCISA Student Activities programming,” commented Samantha Corn, Senior Manager of Education and Business Development Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics. “At Sony we have a strong focus on developing and supporting today and tomorrow’s photographers and videographers. We look forward to seeing the outcome of SCISA students’ creativity with our award-winning products.” The partnership with Sony will center around a contest for which all SCISA students will be eligible to compete, utilizing either digital photography or videography to create their unique content. These efforts are to be shared via social media from each school and will generate a marketplace of ideas and inspiration across the SCISA community. And as a reward for their participation, two schools will be selected to receive Sony Alpha equipment, paving the way for continued creative development of their students. The South Carolina Independent Schools Association is a non-profit voluntary association of independent schools. Founded in 1965 as an exclusively educational organization, with responsibilities to establish accreditation standards, and coordinate athletic and academic competition, SCISA has grown to a membership of 132 schools servicing over 30,000 students.