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Head Varsity Football Coach

School: First Baptist School
Location: Charleston, SC
Posted: 8 Nov 2022

Head Varsity Football Coach

First Baptist High School of Charleston seeks to hire a head varsity football coach to run the school’s football program. The head football coach reports directly to the athletic director. The successful candidate must subscribe to values that align with those of the school: academic excellence with a Christian perspective. Preferred experience includes high school coaching experience. Teaching and staff positions are available. Send resume to Athletic Director Graham Haley at You may also call Athletic Director Graham Haley for more information at 843-693-2127.


  • The Varsity Head Football Coach position requires deep knowledge of the sport and must be able to foster positive relationships and to work effectively with students, staff, parents and community
  • The Varsity Head Football Coach must exhibit high standards of professional ethics and conduct


The Varsity Head Football Coach-

  • Has the responsibility for leading the football program in a manner that serves the best interests of the school and of the student athletes who participate at any level in that program
  • Works cooperatively with the administrators of the school to assure that the activities related to the program are consistent with the culture and mission of the school
  • Promotes and supports Christian education on and off the field with adherence to the school’s mission of “Academic Excellence with a Christian Perspective”
  • Adheres to policy and rules identified by the school and the South Carolina Independent School Association
  • Ensures all football equipment is in available and in working order
  • Assures that all program staff and participating students adhere to the Policies and Regulations and the Practices and Procedures of the school and SCISA
  • Coordinates and oversees all assistant football coaches as the work to ensure that players fully understand the fundamentals of the game
  • Supervises the football program at all levels of competition offered by the school, ensuring the safety and well-being of all student participants
  • Sets and maintains appropriately high expectations for learning and classroom performance as a condition for participation in athletics
  • Assures that students’ academic performance is monitored and supported to ensure success
  • Sets and maintains high behavioral expectations for student athletes and staff who participate in the program, assuring that all conduct presents the school in a Christian manner
  • Supports the values of competitive sports including hospitality, sportsmanship, and fair play
  • Develops and communicates an administratively approved plan for teaching and supporting appropriate student behavior including consequences for unacceptable behavior, and assures that the plan is implemented consistently and fairly to support the development of the student athletes and promote the success of the athletics program
  • Assists the Athletic Director in selecting, assigning, supervising, developing, and evaluating staff at all levels of the program
  • Assists student athletes who wish to pursue higher education and are capable of participating in athletics beyond the high school level with understanding opportunities, pursuing scholarships and financial support, and selecting appropriate options
  • Communicates effectively with students, staff, parents, and the public
  • *Teaching and staff positions are available

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