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High School Videos


Teaching AP Lang Without Teaching to the Test - ELA/Writing 
To Read or Not to Read? - ELA/Writing 
Prereading Stragies with Students - ELA/Writing
Study - The Foundation of Academic Success - ELA/Writing 
Science Fair and Mini Classroom Activities - STEM/STEAM - Science
How to Use Padlet to Engage Students in a Science Classroom - STEM/STEAM - Science 
Collaborative Cross Curriculum Teaching - STEM/STEAM - Science 
Continuing Collaborative & STEM Learning in a COVID Environment - STEM/STEAM - Science 
STEM in Racing: STEM Racing Experiments - STEM/STEAM - Science 
Keeping the Wheels on the Race Car - STEM/STEAM - Science 
Native American STEM Project - STEM/STEAM - Science 
How to do STEM/STEAM in a COVID Environment - Science
The Flame Lab - High School Chemistry - STEM/STEAM - Science
Fermentation Lab - High School Biology - STEM/STEAM - Science
Histology Lab - High School Anatomy - STEM/STEAM - Science
Fine Arts/Creativity and the 21st Century Classroom - Fine Arts
Cultivating Creativity and Expression in the Digital Classroom - Fine Arts
The Rhythm Connection - Fine Arts 
The Bitmoji Classroom - Media Specialists & Technology
Unleash Your Musicians' Creativity! - Fine Arts
Coronapocalypse: A Theatre Teacher's Survival Guide - Fine Arts
The Role of the Music Ensemble in the Education of Students with Anxiety and Depression - Fine Arts 
#togetherweARTbetter - Fine Arts
Eggs in Perspective - Fine Arts 
Reaching Your Different Learners - Learning Differences 
Dyslexia: Facts and Strategies - Learning Differences 
Are Students Mentally Prepared? - Learning Differences 
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking with Digital Escape Rooms - Media Specialists & Technology 
Interactive Lessons Using Nearpod & Technology - Media Specialists & Technology 
The Bitmoji Craze - Media Specialists & Technology 
Basics of Google Classroom - Media Specialists & Technology 
Balancing Vitual & In-Person instruction - Media Specialists & Technology/High School Science 
Creating Interactive Digital Notebooks - Media Specialists & Technology 
Using the Read and Write Toolbar in the Classroom - Media Specialists & Technology 
No Students, No Classroom, No Problem - Math 
Whose Notes Are These Anyway? - Math 
Slavery and the Constitution - Social Studies 
Creating a Learning Environment Conducive to Feedback 
Fundamentals of Remote Teaching 
Managing Stress in a Contemporary Classroom 
Teaching With Multisensory Methods During COVID 
Voice and Choice: Passion Projects 
Capsula Cultural - Foreign Language